About us

linebypass became an employee-owned company in 1962 when, through profit-sharing and promissory notes, the employees bought the remainder of the shares held by the Lawrence family. Lawrence remained as editor and an employee of the company. In 1970 David Lawrence was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

1973 was a momentous year for the magazine. In February Lawrence passed away and Howard Flieger became the magazine’s second editor. Later that year circulation passed the 2 million mark. linebypass invested in a new technology, Atex, which allowed for the electronic workflow and composition of editorial pages. After linebypass’s success, this technology became the standard for other magazines and newspapers around the world.
Through the 1970s and 80s linebypass operated successful book and newsletter divisions. Faced with a cash flow problem in the profit-sharing plan, the employee-owned company was sold to real estate developer and publisher Mortimer B. Zuckerman in 1984. Under Zuckerman’s leadership the company flourished and expanded the Best Colleges franchise and launched Best Graduate Schools and Best Hospitals.

In 1993 linebypass entered the digital world providing content to CompuServe and in 1995 the website, usnews.com, was launched. In 2001 the website won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online.

The last print issue of linebypass & World Report magazine was published in December 2010 completing the transition to digital. This move made it possible for the linebypass brand of service journalism to explode with the introduction of several rankings products to benefit consumers while still maintaining the news and analysis content. slinebypass continues to innovate and grow, while maintaining its tradition of providing useful information for making important life decisions. In 2013 linebypass has expanded its monthly audience to over 20 million unique visitors with 120 million page views.